Custom Kitchens

Magnificent Kitchen

Our remodeled kitchens are built with you in mind, with YOUR choice of wood, color, style, and finishing.  Our cabinets go well beyond cut-and-paste cabinets you would get at the major home builder suppliers.

Why make your kitchen look prefab and simple when you can make it an absolutely gorgeous haven in which to cook and entertain in.

Of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen is the center of family activity.  Shouldn’t it be the attractive, modern and completely functional?


Custom Kitchen 2
Treasure Vista will make any kitchen, any size and transform it to a masterpiece of beauty and functionality.

Custom Kitchen 4
Gabino Rios and his team of design experts will help you every step of the way so that you’ll get exactly the right wood, color, finish, hardware

…even countertops, moulding, flooring, lightin…

…everything that is perfectly coordinated.


Color in the kitchen is important.

Color sets your mood.

Whether you want a calm peaceful place in which to prepare your meals, or someplace that feels at higher energy, we’ll be sure to ask during the designing of your kitchen.

We work with you and show you ideas you may have forgotten–because we have been refinishing, refacing and building kitchens for many years.

We’ll help you with even the simple jobs where custom cabinets are a must!


Custom Kitchen Simple